About the H.B.I.C.

You think that there must be a reason a Southern Gal would deem it appropriate to sell drinkware with all the naught words. So how did we get here?

One morning, my bright and cherry nephew greeted me with "good morning". My initial thought was "what the fuck is so good about mornings", proceeded by "I should put that shit on a mug", and BAM... Offensive Mug was birthed.

I am a self-proclaimed heavy weight profanity champ, with a passion for drinking 3 to mind your damn business cups of coffee and/or tea a day. I enjoy debates about how we cannot be friends if the Game of Thrones is on your favorite shows list. I may get a little spirited when speaking of how disgusting cilantro is. My black card has been challenged many times because I cannot play Spades, but you better believe Monopoly is a serious shank you game.

I aim for you to be the most authentic person you can be, and if that includes a few f-bombs, we'll say that shit for you.

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