Custom orders

Ab-so-fucking-lutely. Submit your ideas to If we publish your idea, we'll give you a commission on each sold mug. Yeah, that's nice, huh?

Yep! Whether you need you place your logo on a water bottle, a nice customized middle finger mug for your grandma's knitting group, or a parting tote bag gift for your son who's finally moving out, we can create the perfect product for you. Contact us at hey@offensive mug and we will work to bring your creation to life. 

Please note: there may be an additional fee for custom orders dependent upon the extent of work, graphics, design elements, etc.

Wholesale Orders

Aww shit, we're flattered by your interest to grow the brand. We do offer wholesale products. We require a minimum investment of 100 pieces, which can be mixed. 

Contact us at


Here's the thing, most products sold by Offensive Mug are made to order (read: we make the shit when you order the shit), therefore we do not accept returns and cannot issue refunds. We are also unable to accept any returns on perishable items (i.e. coffee, tea, etc). 

Our reputation rests on your satisfaction, so we put our blood, sweat, and love, lots of love, into ensuring we send the best quality products to our customers. If the item you received is not to your satisfaction, please contact us at 

We understand that shit happens (the postal carrier may have gotten too happy to deliver your box, Fluffy thought the unopened box was a chew toy, your kid liked the friendly Mug on the front of the box and dropped the damn thing) and will make every effort to replace your damaged item. 

We do require proof that the item arrived damaged for insurance purposes. Please submit a picture of the damaged item in its original package to along with your order number within 7 days of receiving the damaged item. Once approved, we will replace the item within 14 days at no additional cost to you.


Hell yeah! Domestic orders over $50 automatically qualify for free shipping, no coupon code needed! How's that for friendship? Just make sure your cart totals $50 and we'll get the package to you for free!

We are currently not able to offer free shipping on international orders. 

Production time for made to order items (mugs, tote bags, accessory pouches, tumblers, etc.) can be up to 15 days. Once the item is ready to ship and on its way to you, we'll email you a shipping confirmation with a tracking number. 

Domestic orders will arrive in 1 - 3 business days. International orders will arrive in 6 - 10 business days.

First, woosah. Feel better? Now, let's figure out where your shit is...

Each package we ship comes with a tracking number, so we can hunt them down. We also insure all orders to protect against damage, theft, or maybe the possibility of the package sprouting legs.

Using the tracking number sent in your shipping confirmation email, track your packages here:

USPS Tracking

UPS Tracking

If we cannot find your package, no worries! We will replace your items if we cannot track your original package.