Maria Latte Mug

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It's not every day that you need to express yourself, but in these times, the opportunity presents itself more often than not. If you have a hard time articulating, we'll say it for you. Use your collectible Offensive Mug for all your hot and cold beverage needs, as a decorative candle, a plant pot (because they are the only ones that truly know you), or a makeup brush holder. Whether you need a gift for yourself or that one smart-ass person in your life with the sailor's mouth, we've got you covered.

About this mug:
  • Latte mugs are available in 12oz (fits about 11 ounces of fluid) and 17 oz (fits about 16 ounces of fluid). 

  • The Offensive Mug Logo will be printed on the side of the mug so you know this thing we have is real (😘)

  • Color wording option is as shown. The colors cannot be altered. 

Bold personalities require bold representation

Implied and understood without a word spoken or uttered. Facial expressions may or may not be included...

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